AGA has been providing their iconic cookers since the 1920s. Their uncompromising quality, fantastic design and award-winning innovation has meant that Agas have a loyal following as well as winning new customers after experiencing their excellent reputation. Make sure you show your Aga the love it deserves with our expert servicing and qualified Aga Cooker Installation team.

AGA Cooker Installation

Our work is guaranteed and we are Gas Safe and OFTEC registered meaning that you get peace of mind when choosing DW Dunn to install an Aga cooker range in your kitchen.

Aga’s are famous for their large ovens meaning that cooking is made so easy and versatile. Hand-crafted in Britain, an Aga offers many appliances into one unit meaning you can focus on baking, frying, grilling, toasting and roasting . All Aga owners will tell you that food simply tastes better thanks to the cast-iron ovens that cook by radiant heat, meaning locked in moisture, flavour, texture and goodness.

For more information on fitting an Aga Cooker into your kitchen, then please contact us. Our aim is to make your Aga cooker installation as quick and efficient as possible to cause you the least disruption, contact us to see how we can help.

AGA Cooker Servicing

Our team of approved installers and services can offer a competitive price on all Aga, Rayburn, Esse and Stanley cookers servicing and can service and maintain single and double burners, whether they are gas or oil.